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Table of data from other Big Ten Universities

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Students: Choose & Register & ID

go.wisc.edu/VoteEvents UW Madison events

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Fostering Campus Climates for Engagement

Students Learn Students Vote

Campus Vote Project

All In Challenge

Sparking Civic Action by ideas42

Teaching civic engagement across the disciplines

NASPA on Civic Engagement

Voter Friendly Campus and resources

Campus Compact

Citizen University

Election Law Journal - Where Can College Students Vote? Legal and empirical perspective


Big Ten Voting Challenge

On September 17, 2017, the Big Ten Chancellors and Presidents announced in a letter to students that the 14 Big Ten Universities would compete for two trophies - one for the university with the largest percent voting turnout for November 2018, and one for the university with the largest percent increase in turnout.

The turnout data from November 6, 2018, will be compared with the mid-term election in 2014.  Data is calculated by Tuft's University's NSLVE project.  The results are expected to be announced in August 2019.

NSLVE UW-Madison reports:  2016 (48.8% turnout)    2014 (35.5% turnout)

Using your NSLVE report                 NSLVE methodology

Participating campuses - nationwide               National data

Professor Barry Burden and student Charles Allworth are leading an advisory committee that is working to win the Big Ten Voting Challenge.


Guides to staying non-partisan from NonProfit Vote:

Talking with the public           Nonpartisan activities                 

"One of our missions as an American educational institution is to prepare and encourage everyone who passes through the university to be an active, engaged citizen. Voting is one important aspect of this. It is essential to our democratic form of government and a responsibility that comes with citizenship."  -From UW-Madison's Chancellor Rebecca Blank's blog, January 29, 2016

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