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Online registration in 39 states

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Voting Information for 13 Select States

UW-Madison has significant numbers of students from these states

November 3, 2020: All states have a Presidential election.
Of the states below, these six have a 2020 US Senate contest: 
GA   IL   MA   MI   MN   NJ 

Online registration: Eleven of these states have Online Voter Registration (OVR).  Michigan and New Jersey do not.

Absentee ballot return postage: Of the states below, only CA, MN and WI provide the postage to return the ballot.  For the others, the voter provides the stamp.

Notes on voter ID

Links to OVR, Absentee and Student info

Needed to complete the registration online*

Deadline for OVR or mail-in registration

Deadlines for mail-in ballot:  Request / Return

Presidential Primary

No voter ID requirement

Vote by mail
Student info


CA driver license or state ID

Feb 17

Feb 25 / March 3    To vote by mail, re-register

March 3



Vote by Mail
Student info


FL DL or state ID + issue date +  SSN4

Feb 18

March 7 / March 17

March 17


No voter ID needed for absentee voting

Absentee voting Student info


GA Driver license or state ID

Feb 24

March 20 / March 24  Request no earlier than Sept 26.

March 24

No voter ID requirement

Vote by mail

Student info


IL driver license or state ID

March 1

March 12/ Postmarked by March 17.  Request no earlier than Feb 6.

 March 17

No voter ID requirement

Absentee  Student info


MD driver license or state ID

April 7 at 11:59 pm ET

April 24/ Postmarked by April 28. Can request online

April 28

Massachusetts 800-462-8683
No voter ID requirement

Absentee        Student info


MA driver license or state ID

Feb 12

Mar 2 at noon/ Mar 3.  Cannot request online.

March 3

Non-strict Voter ID requirement

No online registration
Voting Info
Absentee          Student info


No online registration

Feb 24 is mail-in deadline.

Mar 6 / Mar 10. Cannot request online.

March 10

Minnesota 877-600-8683
No voter ID requirement

Vote by mail
Student info


SSN; or MN driver license or state ID

Feb 11

Mar 2/ Mar 3. Can request online.

March 3

New Jersey
No voter ID requirement

No online registration     Voting Info
Vote by mail
Student info 


No online registration

May 12 is mail-in deadline

May 26/ June 2.  Cannot request online.

June 2

New York
No voter ID requirement

Absentee   Student Info


***NY driver license or state ID, and SSN.

April 3

Mar 30 to April 21/ Postmarked by April 27. Cannot request online.

April 28

Absentee ID requirement is easy to meet

Absentee     Student Info


OH driver license or state ID, and SSN

Feb 10

Mar 7/ Postmarked by Mar 9. Cannot request online.

March 10

No voter ID requirement

Student info


Either PA DL, Penn DOT ID, or see how to upload digital signature

March 30, 11:59 pm.

April 21/ April 24. Cannot request online.

April 28

Strict voter ID requirement for both absentee & in person.

Registration     Election Day Registration

Student info MyVote.wi.gov

***WI driver license or DOT-issued ID

March 18

April 2/ April 7. Can request online.

April 7

*If you do not have these documents, the website will assist you in printing and mailing an application.

**In Minnesota, an absentee ballot must be witnessed by a registered MN voter, or notary.

***Must update DMV address as part of online registration

Student Voting Guides are at https://www.campusvoteproject.org/state-student-voting-guides

Primary dates and links for all states, by the US Vote Foundation.

NCSL is the source of information on voter ID.

States may have additional election dates for local offices.

You must be 18 and a U.S. citizen to register and vote.

Vote from your campus address.  Once a student has established residency at a campus address, the student may vote using the student’s campus address until the student establishes a new voting residence.  Vote at your local campus-area polling place.  You will need to register each time you move.

Alternatively, vote from your home address. A student may register to vote from a home address (in Wisconsin or another state) if the student has not yet registered to vote from a campus address.  This may be a good option for those eligible for online registration and who also plan to vote via absentee ballot.

Links to the online voter registration systems of 38 states (scroll down):  http://www.ncsl.org/research/elections-and-campaigns/electronic-or-online-voter-registration.aspx

For states not in the table, Google “state name secretary of state”, or “state name board of elections”.

UW headcount data by geographic origin:  https://www.wisconsin.edu/education-reports-statistics/student-statistics/

Origin of UW-Madison students from U.S.:  WI 60%; MN 10%; IL 10%; CA 3%; NY 2.5%; NJ 1.3%; MI 1%; MA 1%; PA 1%; OH 0.6%.

"One of our missions as an American educational institution is to prepare and encourage everyone who passes through the university to be an active, engaged citizen. Voting is one important aspect of this. It is essential to our democratic form of government and a responsibility that comes with citizenship."  -From UW-Madison'sChancellor Rebecca Blank's blog, January 29, 2016

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