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Attorney General

Candidate Websites: Republican Brad Schimel and Democrat Josh Kaul

Links to candidate information that is balanced, credible, and about substantial issues

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Brief summary of background & issues 8/21/18 AP - US News and World Report short text
Kaul interview 9/17/18 Wisconsin Eye 25 minute movie
Schimel interview 9/17/18 Wisconsin Eye 32 minute movie
Lawsuit over Healthcare and pre-existing conditions 9/21/18 Milw. Journal Sentinel medium length text
For Kaul
For Schimel
10/2/18 Badger Herald Point-Counterpoint short text
Marijuana referendum 10/8/18 Wis. State Journal long text
Marijuana referendum 10/8/18 Milw. Journal Sentinel medium length text
Oct 12 Debate in Madison 10/12/18 Wis Public TV 57 minute movie
Oct 12 Debate Highlights 10/13/18 Cap Times 4 minute read
Oct 14 Debate in Milwaukee 10/14/18 WISN TV 58 minute movie
Oct 16 debate in Milwaukee 10/16/18 Rotary Club 54 minute movie
Sharp contrasts 10/21/18 Wis State Journal medium length text
Q & A 10/21/18 Wis State Journal short text


From Wisconsinvote.org:  The Attorney General is the head of the state Department of Justice and the chief legal officer for the state. He or she provides legal advice and representation for all state agencies and serves a four-year term.

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