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Websites:  Republican Scott Walker and Democrat Tony Evers

Links to candidate information that is balanced, credible, and about substantial issues

Summary and link



Length & type

Candidate Stands on 22 issues 2018 Campus Election Engagement Project 2 page pdf with supporting links
10 Key Questions for Candidates, economic questions 8/18 Wisconsin Policy forum 7 page pdf
Interview - Walker 9/15/18 Wisconsin Eye 20 minute movie
Budget ideas 9/17/18 US News and World Report short text
Pre-existing conditions 9/15/18 AP medium length text
Pre-existing conditions 9/18/18 Wis. Public Radio short text or audio
Pre-existing conditions 9/18/18 The Cap Times 2 min to read
Preexisting conditions 9/21/18 Milw. Journal Sentinel medium text
Preexisting Conditions 10/26/18 Wis Public TV, Here & Now 3 minute movie
Marijuana referendum 10/8/18 Wis. State Journal long text
Marijuana referendum 10/8/18 Milw. Journal Sentinel medium length text
Paying for roads 9/26/18 Wis. State Journal Medium length text
Tax policy 9/26/18 Wis. State Journal, AP Medium length text
Interview - Evers 10/15/18 Wisconsin Eye 34 minute movie
Debate in Madison 10/19/18 Wis. Broadcasters Association 58 minute movie
Debate summary 10/20/18 Wis. State Journal medium length text
Debate in Milwaukee 10/26/18 WTMJ & WUWM 58 minute movie
Debate Summary 10/27/18 Wis. State Journal medium length text
In-depth summary - bio & issues 10/28/18 Wis. State Journal long text
Transportation 10/26/18 Wis. Public TV, Here and Now 5 minute movie
Economy 10/26/18 Wis. Public TV, Here and Now 3 minute movie
Education 10/26/18 Wis. Public TV, Here and Now 10 minute movie
Gubernatorial Candidate Special 10/26/18 Wis. Public TV, Here and Now 26 minute movie, includes the 3 above, + healthcare


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