Up US Senate Governor Lt. Gov. Attorney General Sec of State Treasurer


Candidate Websites:  Republican Travis Hartwig and Democrat Sarah Godlewski

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Interview - Godlewski 7/18/18 Wisconsin Eye 16 minute movie
Interview - Hartwig 6/26/18 Wisconsin Eye 11 minute movie
Interview - Godlewski 8/1/18 Wis Public Radio 11 minute audio
Interview - Hartwig 7/30/18 Wis. Public Radio 10 minute audio
Q & A - Three candidates 10/7/18 Wis. State Journal short text


From Wisconsinvote.org The treasurer is responsible for sitting on the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, providing services to promote the unclaimed property program, and making certified copies of deeds, bonds, and documents filed in the treasurer's office. Since 1995, the duties of the state treasurer have gradually been eliminated or shifted to other state agencies. In April, 2018, voters rejected an amendment to eliminate the office, voting to keep the position of state treasurer.


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