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Badger Herald article on short attention spans

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Links to candidate information that is balanced, credible, and about substantial issues

Examples of included items:

  • Wisconsin Eye recordings of debates and Wisconsin Eye interviews.

  • Newspapers articles that represent significant background or in-depth information.

  • Survey questions and answers published by independent organizations.

  • Biographies, and autobiographies that are labeled as such.

  • Podcasts of forums.

  • Point-counterpoint articles.

  • Links to candidate websites.

Items that will be avoided:

  • Articles on the “horse race”.

  • Articles on money raised.

  • Articles on poll results.

  • Survey questions not answered by a significant number of candidates.

  • News articles on the daily back-and-forth typical of campaigns.

  • Reports on campaign rallies.

  • Media developed by members of this project.

Note:  In Dane County, there are two advisory referenda.

Dark Store Referendum.

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Due to limited resources, third party candidates are not covered.


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