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Fair Elections Wisconsin is an independent organization working for elections that are accurate, fair, well administered, transparent, and convenient for voters. The process of voting should balance access and integrity, and should be as open as possible while maintaining ballot secrecy. Voting is the foundation of democracy and deserves a high priority among citizens and government. It is critical that there be a strong public trust concerning election procedures, and trust depends upon active citizens holding accountable legislators, administrators, and manufacturers.

E-Mail     Our Yahoo email list is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fairelectionswisconsin/

FEW Constitution    constitution.pdf

96 Published Letters to the Editor written by members, reverse chronological order

1 letter in 2020

Wisconsin State Journal, October 2, 2020, Getting ballot was simple and fast

2 letters in 2019

Wisconsin State Journal, October 1, 2019, Governors abuse election date power.

Wisconsin State Journal, August 13, 2019, Stay vigilant on election security

1 letter in 2018

Wisconsin State Journal, June 21,  2018, GOP must stand up to Gerrymandering

4 letters in 2017

Wisconsin State Journal, July 10, 2017, Voter information still being released.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 18, 2017, Radical change to election calendar to improve turnout

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 22, 2017, Authority of Election Commission

Isthmus, January 12, 2017, about elimination of Special Registration Deputies

5 letters in 2016

Capital Times, April 20, 2016, Absentee ballot rule could disenfranchise voters

Wisconsin State Journal, April 17, 2016, Expand types of ID used for voting

Wisconsin State Journal, April 15, 2016, Voter ID law singled out students

New York Times, April 5, 2016, Is a new voting rights law needed?

Isthmus January 21, 2016, Get Out the vote

14 Letters in 2015 (total of 85 since 2005)

Capital Times online, December 15, 2015, Blame legislators, not UW, for making student voting onerous

Racine Journal Times, December 11, 2015, Walker's reasons for dismantling of GAB are suspect. and Wisconsin State Journal

Chippewa Herald, November 19, 2015, Learn the facts about state's GAB

Vernon County Broadcaster, November 19, 2015, Nerison's comment included disproven allegation.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, November 7, 2015, Blame legislators, not UW

Isthmus, November 6, 2015, Student voting hurdles

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, November 1, 2015, GAB audits were done.

Wisconsin State Journal, October 28, 2015, Don't compromise voter registration.

Tomah Journal, October 27, 2015, Brooks' column mangles the facts.

Capital Times, July 15, 2015, same letter as below, in favor of AB-153.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 12, 2015, letter against secret caucuses, and for AB-153.

Wisconsin State Journal, July 7, 2015, letter slamming Republicans who voted to destroy open records law.  Also Spooner Advocate

4 Letters in 2014, (total of 71 since 2005)

Wisconsin State Journal, July 31, 2014, letter about GAB openness and legislative secrecy

Capital Times, March 10, 2014, online version, against SB-267, citing 140,000 voters that registered in 2008 through special registration deputies.  Also in the Ashland Daily Press.

Wisconsin State Journal, March 9, 2014, against SB-267, which requires all registrants to show proof of residence.

5 Letters in 2013 (total of 67 since 2005)

Wisconsin State Journal, November 12, 2013, against AB-54, which eliminates weekend early voting.

Wisconsin State Journal, August 25, 2013, on Lazich's column on redistricting

Wisconsin State Journal, May 31, 2013, on the Stone bill, explaining draw downs

Wisconsin State Journal, April 16, 2013, deadline for absentee ballots

Wisconsin State Journal January 15, 2013, asking for public hearings on all bills, even from minority party.

10 letters in 2012 (total of 62 since 2005)

Wisconsin State Journal Nov 25, 2012, Janesville Gazette, and Cap Times online, November 25, 2012, Election Day registration has proved its value

Capital Times online, Nov. 1, 2012, modernize voter registration

Wisconsin State Journal, Nov. 1, 2012, modernize voter registration

Pierce County Register, Oct 31, Senator Vinehout column mentions recent testimony on modernizing voter registration.  Also in the Evansville Observer.

Wisconsin State Journal, August 26, 2012, letter highlighting a new report showing voter impersonation is miniscule.  "Combating nonexistent in-person voter fraud is not the real reason why some people want to require photo IDs at the polls."

Wisconsin State Journal, October 10, 2012, letter describing how legislature has made registration harder.

Isthmus, June 21, 2012, letter describing "open registration",  in response to article about students not being able to register,

Isthmus, March 1, 2012, letter expressing concern over ballot shortages

Wisconsin State Journal, printed on January 5, 2012, letter by Shirley Haidinger,  refuting phony fraud claims.

7 letters in 2011 (total of 52 since 2005)

Capital Times, Oct 16,2011 online guest column, Better Notice needed when polling locations change

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, August 23, 2011, Solving multiple problems by ending the secret ballot (facetious)

Wis State Journal, April 14, 2011, listing all the flaws in counting votes

Madison Newspapers online version - March 29, 2011 - Support bill to open caucuses

Wisconsin State Journal, January 18, 2011, against bill requiring voters to sow DOT or military ID.

Capitol Times, January 14, 2011,online version, about costs of bills for photo ID and ending EDR

Wisconsin State Journal, Wednesday, January 12, 2011, about costs of bills for photo ID and ending election day registration.

5 letters in 2010 (total of 45 since 2005)

Capitol Times online version, Thursday, September 9, with a proposal for a "Balanced Election Calendar."

Wisconsin State Journal, September 2, 2010, with a proposal for a new election calendar (details at http://www.fairelectionswi.com/Calendar.htm )

Wisconsin State Journal, August 22, 2010, Kristen Zehner urges people to get involved

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, August 19, 2010, security of election management systems

Capital Times online, April 9. 2010, establish study committee to look at election calendar

6 letters in 2009 (total of 40 since 2005)

Capital Times online, August 14 2009 in favor of online registration.

Capital Times, July 7, 2009, Security of early voting

Isthmus, April 24, 2009, Speak up now for hand-marked paper ballots

Wis. State Journal, March 30, 2009, Early voting - Keep hand-marked paper ballots

Capital Times, print version, March 4, 2009, online voter registration

Capital Times, online version, Feb. 25, 2009, Online voter registration

9 letters in 2008 (total of 34 since 2005)

Wisconsin State Journal, Sept 20, 2008, on Van Hollen suit

Capital Times, Sept 13, 2008, Vote Matching Process Unacceptable

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Aug 13, 2008, important technical limitations to matching

Wis. State Journal, July 7, voter impersonation is unlikely, in response to this.  (scroll down for both.)

Wis. State Journal, June 5, and Capital Times Online, May 29, 2008, about Wisconsin's recount law.  pdf

Wisconsin State Journal, Feb 22, 2008, Shirley Haidinger on improving the primary process

Wisconsin State Journal, Jan 21, 2008, summarizing flaws in Wis elections.

Capital Times, Jan 18, 2008, on freeing money to make polling places accessible.

6 letters in 2007 (total of 25 since 2005)

Capital Times, Dec 25, 2007, on need for reform of primaries and electoral college

Capital Times, Dec 7, 2007, on disenfranchising via a bogus felon list.

Wisconsin State Journal, August 21, 2007, requesting that the new GAB webcast their meetings.

Wis. State Journal, June 5, 2007, on the proposed ordinance to restrict the activities of pollworkers and staff of the clerk's office

Wis. State Journal and Capital Times March 6 & 7, 2007, on local campaign finance proposal

14 letters in 2006 (total of 19 since 2005)

Wisconsin State Journal, Dec 18, 2006, legislature should post all meetings on web

Wisconsin State Journal, Dec 11, 2006, Ethics bill should include a separate Election Administration Board

Wisconsin Public Radio, Nov 28, 2006, 90 second MP3, on having audits for all our elections

Capital Times, October 24, 2006, on the need for transparent recounts

Capital Times, October 5, 2006, on voting machine standards

WORT radio, October 2, 2006, 8 minute MP3 file on voting equipment and SB1

Capital Times September 9, 2006, on non-partisan election administration

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  September 20, 2006, on recounts

Wisconsin State Journal  September 16, 2006, on Milwaukee's programming error

Capital Times, July 13, 2006, on manual recounts

Wisconsin State Journal, May 25, 2006, on the need for voting machine security

Capital Times, May 22, 2006, on an illegal and illogical recount

Oshkosh Northwestern, May 28, 2006, on voting machines

Wisconsin State Journal, April 13, 2006, guest column on manual recounts becoming extinct in Wisconsin

5 letters in 2005

Wisconsin State Journal, November 10, 2005, guest column on allowing felons to vote when out of prison  pdf

Capital Times, June 15, 2005, on finding election errors

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 14, 2005, same as above

Wisconsin State Journal, May 10, 2005, on Photo ID and late ballots

Wisconsin State Journal, April 21, 2005, on Photo ID by Kristen Zehner


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