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   Last updated Sunday, August 04, 2019

Lame Duck Session - Election Administration Bills  December 2018

SB-884 passed into law and has the elections sections.  See explanatory memo from Legislative Council.  Early voting, section 1js: 13 days of early voting, including two Saturdays and two Sundays.  There is no limit to the number of alternate locations.

A subsequent court decision prevented these limits from going into effect. https://elections.wi.gov/node/6410

See the motion and memo in support of motion.

Public Hearing - 10 hours - December 3, 2018 - see it on Wisconsin Eye.  Also see executive session at 10:20 pm that night.

WEC had AB-1070 and AB-1071 on their agenda for December 3.  See  it on Wisconsin Eye.  WEC staff memo on these two bills.  WEC testimony to JCF on AB-1071.

Testimony:  League of Women of Voters of Wisconsin.  Disability Rights Wisconsin.

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Assembly Bills
AB-1070 Committee Companion to SB-884 Introduced 11/30/18, Hearing and Exec 12/3/18.  Passed by JCF 12-4 as amended.  On Assembly agenda for 12/4/18, but not taken up.  Amendment 1 Adds to statutes: the existing rule about voter ID (sections 91 to 95); existing rule that tech school ID is acceptable voter ID (section 1).  Also has many items not election related.  Fiscal Bureau Analysis, 7 pages.
AB-1071 Committee Companion to SB-885 Introduced 11/30/18, Hearing 12/3; Exec 12/3/18.  Also on WEC agenda for 12/3/18 Moves presidential primary; adds to statutes 2 Saturdays for early voting (section 19); allows voters who are temporarily overseas to use FWAB (section 15) and get absentee ballot by email (sections 14 and 22). Military and overseas witness would not have to be citizen. Fiscal Bureau Analysis, 1 page, includes mention of court ruling.
AB-1073 Committee Companion to SB-887 Introduced 11/30/18, Hearing 12/3; Exec 12/3/18 Omnibus includes AB-1070 (above), AB-1071(above), and bills not election related (AB-1069 and AB-1072).  Fiscal Bureau Analysis, 90 pages.
Senate Bill
SB-884 Committee Introduced, hearing, and exec all on 12/3/18;  Sub amendment passed by Senate 17-16,  passed by Assembly 56-27 on 12/5/18.  Signed by Governor 12/14/18.  Becomes 2017 Wisconsin Act 369.  Early voting is in sections 1js and 1k. Sub amendment limits *early voting to 13 total days (from 14 days before to Sunday before election); removes limits on hours and days of week, and removes limits on # of alternate locations (page 7).  Includes provisions on overseas voters; tech school ID's are acceptable for voting if they meet certain specs; and ID petition process.  Leg Council memo explains all.

* Statutes before this bill limit early voting to one location, 10 days, M-F, from 8 am to 7 pm.  See  6.86(1)(b). and 6.855.  Judge Peterson's ruling lifted these limits.  His decision is under appeal.

Complicated path for the provisions on early voting:

Bill AB-1071 added two Saturdays to the statutes.  This bill died because of its proposal to move the presidential primary.
Then Amendment 1 (from the Joint Committee on Finance) (to AB-1070) added the above early voting changes (section 1K) and also allowed more than one alternate location (section 1JS) .  This was passed by the Joint Committee on Finance around midnight, but this bill went no further.
A few  hours later, Substitute amendment 1 for SB-844 was unveiled.  It would lift the statutory restrictions on hours, days of the week, and number of alternate locations (sections 1js and 1k).  It limits the start date to 14 days before the election.  SB-844 (substitute amendment) passed both houses.
This is 13 days of early voting, and includes two Saturdays and two Sundays.  There is no limit to the number of alternate locations (section 1js).

Early voting in other states - See NCSL13 states do not have early voting.  14 states have early voting that starts 15 or fewer days before an election.

Memo on Governor's veto power from 2015.

Fiscal Bureau report 12/6/18 on bills that passed, including SB-884, which is now 2017 Wisconsin Act 369.

Contact Paul Malischke about broken links, if the status is not up to date, or with your comments.