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The Stone Bill - introduced by Rep. Jeff Stone, now has been replaced by a sub amendment


pdf - Nine Reasons Clerks Should Oppose the original Stone bill

Sub amendment as of June 7 - 100 pages

Public hearing Tuesday June 4, 10:00, 417 North, Capitol

Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections

AB-225 by Representative Jeff Stone, with 39 co-sponsors from the Assembly.  No Senators as co-sponsors, and only 3 of the 9 members on the Assembly elections committee are co-sponsors.

The testimony on Tuesday of the Clerks' Associations will have a major impact.  Please contact your clerks and ask them to oppose the bill.

Municipal Clerks:     Find your municipal clerk at https://myvote.wi.gov/.  The Municipal Clerks Association's State Election Committee is listed at http://wisclerks.org/about/committees/ under the Education tab.

County Clerks:  Find your county clerk on your county's web site.  See http://www.wisconsincountyclerks.org/executive-board-and-committees for the legislative committee of the County Clerks Association.

Read these articles about the bill:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - May 31, by Patrick Marley

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign"If enacted, it would serve to thwart the expression of the public’s will by suppressing voting and ensuring that money power reigns supreme over people power. The proposal extends the war on voting by restricting early voting and resuscitating the discriminatory and unconstitutional policy of requiring a photo ID to cast a ballot."

Common Cause comments on the bill.

League of Women Voters on some of the provisions

Rushed policy making criticized by League of Women Voters

Article May 29 by Dee Hall of the Wisconsin State Journal

Article May 29 by Todd Richmond of the AP, in the Green Bay Press Gazette

Center for Media and Democracy - detailed description of the bill

The main Assembly committee for election bills is Campaigns and Elections  (C&E).

6 Republicans: Chair is Kathy Bernier (Chippewa Falls).  Vice Chair is Don Pridemore (Hartford).  Members: Jeremy Thiesfeldt (Fond du Lac), Chad Weininger (Green Bay), Travis Tranel (Cuba City), Dave Craig (Big Bend).

3 Democrats: Jocasta Zamarippa (Milwaukee),  Terese Berceau (Madison), Fred Kessler (Milwaukee).

Nine reasons for election administrators to oppose Stone’s election bill.   pdf

The bill puts a burden of investigation on the clerk regarding photo ID:  “The municipal clerk or board of election commissioners of the elector’s municipality of residence may investigate the qualifications of any elector who submits a statement under the bill and advise the municipal board of canvassers of his or her findings.”  Page 5

The bill “Prohibits an elector from providing an identifying document that is displayed electronically to establish proof of residence;”  Page 6.  On August 28, 2012, the GAB ruled unanimously that electronic files would be accepted as proof of residence. (SB-62 allows a motorist to use electronic proof of automobile insurance to a traffic officer.  It recently passed the Senate and Assembly with little or no opposition.)

During a recount, ballots will be randomly drawn down if pollworkers forget to request that the voter sign the poll book.  This means that some voters will NOT have their ballots counted, because some other voters forgot to sign the poll book.  Page 6

During a recount, challenges to registrations will cause additional random drawn down, a procedure which randomly disenfranchises voters. “The board of canvassers must hear and decide any objection to the validity of the registration of an elector who registered on Election Day.”  Page 7.

More absentee ballots will be rejected:  “An absentee ballot may not be counted if the certificate is missing the address of a witness.”  Page 7

The bill will complicate Election Day functions for pollworkers.  “This bill provides that whenever two or more inspectors are required to perform a function within a polling place and both parties that are entitled to submit nominees have done so, the chief inspector must assign, insofar as practicable, an equal number of inspectors from the nominees of each party.” Page 8

The bill does NOT standardize the hours for early voting.  The relating clause of the bill states: limiting the times for voting by absentee ballot in person”.  This limits the right that municipalities currently have to set a schedule appropriate to their needs.  Page 2 and 8.

The bill includes a punitive measure against larger municipalities.  For early voting outside the specified hours, voters can make an appointment with the clerk, but not with other employees in the clerk’s office.  Page 8

The bill allows political parties to nominate “first choice” pollworkers from outside the municipality, and thereby force a municipality to take pollworkers from outside the municipality, even if the clerk can meet the need from within the municipality.  Page 12

Last updated Wednesday, August 07, 2013                          Web page by Paul Malischke