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2007-8 Bills

   Election Law Bills that passed the 2005-6 session and are now Acts              Session Archive

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Next Step for Citizens

Comments – for & against


Joint legislative council

Now 2005 Wis Act 451, effective July 1, 2006

Omnibus election law bill

loss of recount transparency:  This act mandates that all machine-readable ballots be recounted by machine.


AB 627 ASA2 Pocan- Freese

Signed into law January 4, 2006.  Becomes 2005 Wis Act 92

Voting machines - mandates paper trail, security rules

Evaluate draft security recommendations, and watch rules process




Signed into law January 4, 2006, becomes 2005 Wis Act 100

allows county boards to redistrict in reduce numbers

run for county board


AB 64  Freese

Signed into law April 14, 2006.  Becomes 2005 Wis Act 333

uniform polling place hours ( 7 am to 8 pm) even for towns and villages



AB 61


Signed into law, becomes 2005 Wis Act 27

clerk may register voters even if clerk is not a resident



SB 341  Roessler

Now 2005 Wis Act 278

expansion of confidential registration for abuse victims



AJR 36  Stone

Passed Assembly & Senate

Amend constitution to require gov't issued photo ID to be able to vote

To take effect, it needs to pass another session, then be passed by voters


Major Election bills that did not pass

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Next Step for Citizens

Comments – for & against

AB 542  Doyle History

Public hearing  9/1/05

Comprehensive package


League WV supports

SB1  Ellis History

4/25/06 Sent to Committee on Rules for scheduling

Revamp state ethics and elections boards



AB-1059 Freese/Travis History

Sent to Joint Committee on Finance

Financing for SB-1



SB 468 Coggs History

Introduced 12/07/05

Earlier deadlines for registration & absentee; allows absentee central count

Tell sponsors that early deadline for registration means more same-day registration


SB 355 = AB808 Decker / Cullen History   History

Public Hearing 1/25/06


ID must be presented to vote, no photo.  Poll workers must check felon list; absentee voting in residential care facilities; changes corroboration



AJR 36 Stone


Passed by Assembly & Senate.   Tabled sub amendment excepting 8 classes 3/7/06

Amend constitution to require photo ID to vote

To take effect, it needs to pass another legislative session, then passed by voters

League of W V against

AB 782 / SB 396 Jeskewitz History

21 cosponsors Public Hearing 1/25/06

Ends election day registration.  Would require WI to conform to NVRA.

Fiscal note - DOT costs:  $629,000 per year; Startup  $128,000


Minor Election Bills that did not pass – bills that are limited in scope or have little chance of passing

# & Main Sponsor



Next Step for Citizens

Comments – for & against

SB-100 Kanavas History

referred to committee  3/05

special registration deputies must get ID from registrants



AB 689  Pocan


Public hearing 10/13/05

Instant runoff voting



AB 888 Wood


Public Hearing 1/25/06

Allow registration at county clerks



SB 419 Darling


Public hearing Assembly committee 5/18/06

Absentee ballots must be sent only to residence



AB 377 Davis


Passed by Assembly 6/14/05.  377-SSA1 sub passed by senate 2/28; passed by Assembly 3/9

Allows military ballots to be late

Read Election Law Journal, 2005 page 105, Mazur

Inserted into SB-612, which passed

AB 865 Parisi


Public Hearing 1/25/06

Allow felons to vote when released from prison

Talk to your neighbors


AB-196 Freese History

Public hearing 5/26/05

Write-in candidates must declare before election



SB 171  Lasee History

Vetoed by Doyle 1/6/06

Limits school referendums to scheduled elections



AB 603 = SB 576  Musser/A. Lasee

Public hearing 2/8/06.  Sub amendment 2 offered 4/19/06

Election of tech college boards



SB 419 Darling


Passed by Senate 3/7/06  27-6

Absentee ballot can only be mailed to the residence of an absent elector.



SB-564  Kanavas  History

Public hearing 5/18/06 by Assembly committee

Limits # of ballots to be printed to 150% of  turnout for recent similar election; SA-1 limits it to Milwaukee

SA-2 (Carpenter) changes limit to 200%


AB-707 Kreibich  History

Laid on table by Assembly 1/26/06

Changes in registration by abuse victims



AJR-22 Black


Public Hearing 5/25/05.  Deleted from JLC list of potential study items 

Directs Leg Council to study citizens commission for redistricting

Contact your legislator now to put on list of  study items

League WV

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

AJR-41 Kessler


Public Hearing 5/25/05

Amend constitution for better redistricting of Assembly and Senate


League WV supports

AJR- 76 Lothian


Introduced 2/14/2006

Amend constitution to require elected officials to be residents beginning with nomination papers


Recently elected assemblyman used a vacant lot as residence

SB-634 Reynolds History

Public Hearing 3/1/06

verify registrants are citizens; challenge ballots not on citizen list


  There is no list of who is a citizen

SB-635 Reynolds History

Public Hearing 3/1/06

Observer’s clothes and handling materials; challenges;



AB-1150 Travis/Freese History

Referred to committee 3/27/06

Recall petition requirements

This was folded into SB-612,which passed


SJR-77 Coggs    History 4/21/06 referred to Senate committee Calls for renewal of the Federal Voting Rights Act   League of Women Voters WI supports


AB-513  Parisi  History Public Hearing  Sept 1, 2005 Closes state offices on Nov election day    

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