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2005-6 Election bills and laws

Administrative Rules

   2007-8 Election Bills in Wisconsin       Session Archive

One major bill passed:  SB-1, Establishing the Gov't Accountability Board
Two inconsequential bills passed:  AB-152 and AB-295.

The main Senate committee for election bills is Labor, Elections, and Urban Affairs (LEUA)Chair is Democrat Spencer Coggs (Milwaukee).  Vice-chair is Democrat Senator Bob Wirch (Kenosha).  Democrat Members: John Lehman (Racine).  Republican members: Glen Grothman (West Bend), Alan Lasee (De Pere).

The main Assembly committee for election bills is Elections and Constitutional Law  (E&CL).  Chair is Republican Sheryl Albers (Reedsburg).  Members:  Republicans: Robin Vos (Racine) (vice chair), Phil Montgomery (Green Bay), Jim Ott (Ozaukee), and Bill Kramer (Waukesha).  Democrats:  Fred Kessler (Milwaukee), Annette Polly Williams (Milwaukee), Louis Molepske (Stevens Point)

Election bills that have been introduced (Campaign Finance reform is not included)

# & Main Sponsor




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Senate Bills        

Special Session SB-1 Governor

Passed & signed.  Becomes 2007 Wisconsin Act 1

Ethics bill - creates new Gov't Accountability board


Letter to editor.    FEW Jan 25  FEW on video at 51:10

SB-6    Risser

Senate refers it back to the committee on Labor, Elections and Urban Affairs

Allow 17 year olds to vote in primaries if they will be 18 by general election

SB-201 Kanavas referred to committee on Labor, Elections & Urban Affairs  restricts # of ballots Milw. can print    


referred to committee on Ag & Higher Ed, Aug 16 Requires tech school boards to be elected    


referred to committee on Commerce, Utilities and Rail in the Senate on September 6, 2007
any boards with taxing power must be elected, inc. tech schools, Milw. Sewerage, Wisconsin Center    
SB-567 Carpenter referred to LEUA March 11, 2008 voters required to present photo ID; ends corroboration    
Joint Resolutions      

AJR-2 Schneider

referred to Assembly Committee E&CL

term senate and assembly increased to 6 and 4 years.  constitutional amendment



AJR-13 Pridemore

Referred to Committee on Elections and Constitutional Law

term limits (12 yrs) on most state offices   constitutional amendment

AJR-17 Leibham, Stone

Assembly approves on April 17; sent to Senate change constitution to require photo ID to vote.  48 Assembly sponsors, 9 senate sponsors Senator Coggs declares DOA

League of Women Voters;   USA Today

AJR-63 Kessler Referred to assembly E&CL committee Redistricting constitutional amendment    
AJR-81 Sherman Dec 6, Referred to Assembly E&CL committee Eliminate spring elections constitutional amendment  
AJR-101 Albers Referred to Ass. E&CL committee 2/21/08 allows non-resident property owners to vote constitutional amendment  
Assembly Bills      
AR-8, Ar-9, AR-10 Hearing June 21.  all members approved Approve members of new Gov't Accountability Bd Thomas Cane, David Deininger, Gerald Nichols see Wisconsin Eye
AB-126 Sherman, Bies, Sheridan Introduced March 5 moves Elections division to Sec of State office Don't worry about it.  It's not going anywhere.  


being drafted as of March 9.  Press release

vote by mail - eliminate polling places

Be skeptical and learn about VBM

  Vote by Mail Project

AB-152 Gottlieb Signed by Gov.  Becomes 2007 Act 83 method of election of village officers    
AB-158 Jeskewitz History Exec session Jan 15, 2008, 10:00, E&CL (vote on whether to send to Assembly floor) eliminates election day registration

See fiscal note for significant ramifications

12 sponsors, inc. chair of Assembly committee
AB-295 Committee Signed into law Feb 8, now is Act 52 allows public access to voter registration identification #'s makes it easier for pollworkers  
overhaul of recounts in discussions Gives Board of Canvassers option for manual recount See FEW page on recounts  
AB-311  Black referred to committee on Judiciary & ethics restrict automatic dialing announcing devices    
AB-313 Berceau Public hearing Dec 27, is canceled enter an agreement among the states to elect the president of the US by national popular vote listen to WPR Joy Cardin Jan 22 see website
AB-363 Kleefisch Jan 15, passed by Assembly in party line vote, referred to Senate committee lets governing bodies limit scope of direct legislation cities will be able to ignore petition that does not relate to local gov't  
AB-390 Parisi Public hearing Dec 27, is canceled Let felons vote when out of prison see press release.   Sentencing Project has resources Rep. Scott Suder against

AB-530 Zepnick

Introduced Oct 4 & referred committee on State Affairs

state holiday on Nov. elections days

See full page on holiday

 LWV non-support

AB-549 Kramer Exec session Jan 15, 2008, 10:00, E&CL (vote on whether to send to Assembly floor) voluntary photo ID    
AB-587 Tauchen Nov 27 referred to committee on E&CL eliminate straight party voting    
AB-589 Tauchen Nov 27 referred to committee on E&CL distribute electoral college votes by congressional district Maine and Nebraska do this  
AB-630 Schneider Dec 19 referred to committee on E&CL Let felons vote when out of prison Identical to AB-390 )above) Sentencing Project has resources
AB-888 Pocan Feb 27 referred to EC&L allow option for preferential voting in municipal races Often called IRV  
AB-903 Stone Hearing March 6 EC&L Sets procedures and timeframes for registration verification cards    
AB-904 Albers Hearing March 6 EC&L      
AB-959 Zipperer referred to EC&L March 2008 changes # of signatures to be nominated to school board    
AB-966 Berceau March 13 2008 referred to E&CL prohibits voter suppression    

Fair Elections Wisconsin has endorsed these ideas for bills:

Amend SB-1 to provide for a separate Election Administration Board

Recounts -  see http://www.fairelectionswi.com/recounts/recounts.htm

Audits - extend them to all elections.  For more information on audits, see http://www.fairelectionswi.com/audits/audits.htm

Contact Paul Malischke about bills to be added, broken links, if the status is not up to date, or with your comments.       Last updated Monday, May 20, 2019

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